Terms and conditions

Fribazzar platform launch for only create positive environments around us on network marketing. We are already mention everything about service and about us page if your nothing know about us details. So please check our privacy policy & about us page  in case anything you have suffered on future we are not responsible for that.

Shipping Charge Fees :

  1. Shipping charge include per product wise.
  2. If you have place two or more product with our platform then it’s automatically count fees.
  3. When you have place order with us then our team Verification product weight with your shipping distance.
  4. If Extra shipping fees collect from you. Refund your money 100% guarantee after verification within 48hrs to 72hrs .
  5. Shipping fees depend upon your weight & distance. Nothing any hidden charges.
  6. You must be first pay us total payment through Direct wallet  Transfer or Paytm Payments Bank & also  Online Payment through INSTAMojo.

Within 48 Hrs shipping :

  1. It’s only provide service in local area where is depo not available too many area. So that local area consultant purchase product for you  from depo on your given MCA number and shipping you with Modicare Web Print Bills and only give us shipping charges not extra fees.
  2. if you have not yet registered as a modicare consultant. you bound to pay fribazzar product price with shipping charges.
  3. After place order you have to bound your total payment by selected payment option within 24 hours otherwise we cancelled your order without any alertment.
  4. If someone introduced to you. s/he is Fribazzar Partner & want your given order amount by hand then fribazzar is not responsible for this activities. You will be responsible for this activities.
  5. Fribazzar given alertment before delivery of your products by Emails or Text Messages & also Provide Fribazzar Partner Identification.

On time Shipping :

It will be delivery given date when you ordered us . minimum delivery after 5 to 7 days on local area. Urban area for maximum  10 day’s .

Weight products Not Shipping :

  1. We do not ship Rice bran oil , Washing powder , big size agriculture products , above 500 gm Protein powder , Noni juice , amla juice , aloe vera juice , coconut oil , beyond blue  packages for long distance.
  2. We can ship heavy products specifics locations or pin codes.
  3. If you have pay extra shipping fees then our team ship this category products only for specific location.
  4. Delivery Partner policy also maintain by FRIBAZZAR.
  5. If you didn’t read out our term & condition pages and pay us for this product then our team refunds your money within 48 hrs.

If any objection on our privacy policy , disclaimer & Term & condition  so please do not use our website.

Any Query for contact Us .

WhatsApp : +91 6370407535

Email : care@fribazzar.com

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