About us

We are goal achievers , goal makers, goal deciders, We always try to something different from other’s. We have create this platform for everyone who have new join with us or another team member.How to easily know about every product information that’s update here.

This side for everyone because we are provide all product information step by step for those people who didn’t knew about all products and their benefits with features.

Our vision is clear for everyone or every old / new consultant. They will be contact us and add their location with us and work together for easily team build or network spread.


  1. Our team member discussed about this collaboration team work. Because “unity is strength” .
  2. Modicare any consultant any location to join us for team work and build own big community by this platform.
  3. Consultant contact for work us and send their some documents & location to add this platform.
  4. We will be alert you for new order comes from your location. You will be purchase nearest Distribution Point after that shipping this order & taken delivery fees.
  5. If someone not registered as a modicare consultant and he / she will be order place on FRIBAZZAR . This order alert also given nearest consultant for shipping them and taken shipping fees with margin.
  6. Easily grow your business as a rocket and create a positive environments around us by this platform.
  7. You will be pay us.Shipping commision 17% + Non registered order margin 10% + website maintenance 15% on your total commision .

For example : Assume , One product shipping to non registered consultant. Product margin profit Rs. 60 and shipping charges 60 rupees.

Now Calculation , Your total income Rs. 60 + Rs. 60 = Rs. 120 /-

  1. Website maintenance 15%  =  120 / 100 x 15 % = Rs. 18 /-
  2. Shiping commision 20% =  60 / 100 x 17 %   =  Rs. 10.20 /-
  3. Profit Margin 10 %                =  60 / 100 x 10 %   =  Rs. 6 /-

        Total pay us  –  18 + 10 + 6 = Rs. 34 /- Only per shipping .

Note : Your extra income comes from this platform . Rest income Rs. 86/-  rupees  yours without any hidden charges.

Fribazzar.com is genuine Website just keep your trust with us.

Any doubt on Team work process Contact Us Thank You